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Suffolk Park,
Byron Bay

Sister Circles


                               For Baby showers, Bridal Circles and connection




There is nothing more powerful than the collective energy of women....

There are milestones in life where a woman must draw upon the strengths and blessings of the sisterhood in order to move into the next phase of life with love,support, grace and an open heart. There is something absolutely magic when women come together to release, empower, share wisdom and honour eachothers strengths. This intimate and sacred ceremony is customised to the individual and no two have ever been the same. Activities include mediation, yoga, sharing memories, elemental work, art, mandala creation,visualisation,sharing and ritual. Each circle is unique just as every experience is unique, through intuition each circle is created to facilitate and honour the individual journey. From Baby showers, to Bridal Showers, relationship and career changes, intention setting or just to celebrate friendships this packages ensures a unique experience and a wonderful start to your new chapter.

At a glance...

- A 1.5 hour customised and facilitated Blessing-Way.

- Organic tea and eclectic vintage teacups

- A Mandala/centrepiece created with crystals,flowers plants

- Crystal or candle gift for woman in honour


We strive to make this beautiful experiences affordable for every budget. We also offer deluxe experiences for those wanting to create a beautiful space. Inclusive of Styling, Catering and take home gifts. Please contact us from a quote from our online bookings/enquiries page.


With Love XX